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Product ID: 89N-S1380/TIR/UNT

89 North OptoTIRF Motorized TIRF Image Splitter

89 North OptoTIRF Motorized TIRF Image Splitter

Motorized TIRF, oblique and widefield illuminator for single-mode and multi-mode lasers

  • Easy to setup, align and run
  • Works with single-mode and multi-mode lasers
  • Motorized movement of illumination spot
  • Joystick or software control
  • Motorized widefield bypass mode

The OptoTIRF is a compact and powerful, yet inexpensive, motorized TIRF illuminator designed to fit onto most research-grade inverted microscope. It gives the researcher intuitive and dynamic access to the entire back aperture of the objective with joystick or software control and simple storage and recall of preset positions. This makes it suitable for acquisition protocols involving TIRF and / or oblique illumination at a range of penetrations depths and wavelengths. Full, 360 degree, positioning and the ability to image at multiple points makes it straightforward to tweak the illumination to the sample and minimize fringes or shading gradients. The OptoTIRF also supports multi-mode fibers allowing the use of higher power and less expensive multi-mode lasers for high speed localization microscopy. Flexibility is further enhanced by a motorized tube lens for automatic correction for different height sample dishes, or different magnification TIRF lenses, and a motorized bypass for widefield illumination using LEDs or a liquid light guide.


  • Optical fiber:
  • Single mode fiber
  • 50 micron multimode fiber for TIRF
  • 100 micron multimode fiber for oblique illumination (HiLo)
  • Motorization:
  • Beam steering
  • Lens focus
  • Bypass mirror
  • Range of beam steering:360 degrees around the back focal plane
  • Number of stored channels:8
  • Control options:
  • RS232 commands to recall stored positons
  • Included touch screen remote can control all aspects of the OptoTIRF functionality

Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: 89 North
  • Model Name: OptoTIRF Motorized TIRF
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: 89N-S1380/TIR/UNT
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