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Product ID: 12169

Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System Imager

Bio-Rad ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System Imager

The ChemiDoc Touch System is a versatile imaging system known for its user-friendly interface and advanced imaging capabilities. It offers both chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including gel and blot imaging.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface: The system is designed with an intuitive touch-screen interface, making it easy to operate and navigate during imaging processes.
  • Best-in-Class Imaging Capabilities: The ChemiDoc Touch System is renowned for its best-in-class imaging capabilities, ensuring high-quality results in gel and blot imaging.
  • Chemiluminescence Detection: It is equipped to detect chemiluminescent signals, which are commonly used in Western blotting and other molecular biology applications.
  • Fluorescence Detection: The system also supports fluorescence detection, allowing for the visualization of fluorescently labeled samples, such as DNA gels or protein blots.
  • Stain-Free Gel and Blot Imaging: Additionally, the ChemiDoc Touch System offers stain-free gel and blot imaging. This feature eliminates the need for traditional staining methods, reducing overall workflow time and enhancing sensitivity.
  • Compact Design: The system boasts a compact design that integrates a powerful computer and a user-friendly touch screen.
  • Image Lab Touch Software: It comes with highly intuitive Image Lab Touch Software for seamless image acquisition and analysis.



  • Chemiluminescence: Yes
  • Fluorescence: Yes
  • Colorimetry/densitometry: Yes
  • Gel documentation: Yes


Hardware Specifications

  • Touch-screen functionality: Multi-touch capability (4 points), 12\" display
  • Maximum image area:16.8 x 21 cm
  • Illumination modes:
  • Epi-white (standard)
  • Trans-UV, 302 nm (standard)
  • Trans-white (optional)
  • Trans-blue (optional)
  • Detector: Cooled CCD
  • Camera cooling temperature: –25°C
  • Filter holder: 2 positions (1 for standard filter, 1 without filter for chemiluminescence)
  • Emission filters: Standard filter to perform protein and DNA gel and blot imaging
  • Dynamic range: >4 orders of magnitude
  • Pixel density (gray levels):65,535
  • Instrument size (L x W x H):61 x 51 x 53 cm
  • Instrument weight: 35 kg (78 lb)

Automation Capabilities

  • Smart Tray Technology: The ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System automatically recognizes the application-specific trays and adjusts imaging parameters and software options accordingly
  • Autofocus (patent pending):Precalibrated focus for any zoom setting or sample height
  • Image flat fielding:Dynamic; precalibrated and optimized for every application
  • Auto-exposure
  1. 2 user-defined modes (rapid or optimal auto-exposure) for chemiluminescence
  2. 2 user-defined modes (intense or faint bands) for non-chemiluminescence applications

Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad
  • Model Name: ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: 12169
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