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Product ID: DeepSIMXlight

Crest Optics Deep SIM X-Light Super Resolution Confocal

Crest Optics Deep SIM X-Light Super Resolution Confocal

DeepSIM is designed to be a truly enabling technology where performance is combined with the flexibility of a system available either as a super-resolution module combined with CrestOptics X-Light V3 Spinning Disk or as stand-alone equipment.


  • Based on a multi-spot structured illumination system, the DeepSIM is a reliable, simple to use and affordable solution to study cellular structures up to an XY resolution of ~100nm.
  • Super-resolved optical sectioning, with Z resolution up to ~ 300nm, can be obtained using both high (60X – 100X) and low magnification (20x – 40x) objectives to expand the range of applications to include complex 3D models such as tissues, organoids, spheroids and small organisms.
  • The DeepSIM is designed to work with samples of thicknesses comparable to those used in confocal microscopy, giving super-resolved data over 50µm Z in depth in non-clarified samples.
  • DeepSIM enables the effortless study of live-cell dynamics through a temporal resolution greater than 10fps (1024×1024 px FOV), allowing biological changes to be tracked at cellular and subcellular levels.


Technical Features:

  • FOV:1024x1024pixel (66×66 µm 100X | 333×333µm 20X)
  • Resolution: Lateral Resolution (FWHM): ~100 nm (100X NA 1.45) Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~300 nm (100X NA 1.45)
  • DeepSIM Acquisition speed: 13fps (1024x1024px)
  • Laser spectral range: Excitation: 400-750 nm; emission: 400-850 nm
  • Objective specifications: -from 20X to 100X magnification range -high numerical aperture (NA) -plan apochromat correction
  • Camera compatibility: Any triggerable camera having 6.5 µm pixel size
  • Spinning disk upgrade: Add-on compatible with CrestOptics X-Light V3
  • Imaging modalities: Super-resolution DeepSIM | Confocal spinning disk X-light V3 | Widefield
  • Upgradable microscope configuration: Inverted configuration
  • Software: µManager /VisiView® / NIS Elements
  • Installation Conditions:Temperature 23 ± 5°C, Humidity 70% RH or less
  • Weight: 44 lbs | 20Kg
  • Dimensions: 14.0 (w) x 17.1 (L) x 11.4 (h) inches 356.0 (w) x 435.0 (L) x 290.5 (h) mm

Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: Crest Optics
  • Model Name: Deep SIM X-Light Super Resolution
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: DeepSIMXlight
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