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Product ID: HAM-C14120‐20P‐KIT

Hamamatsu ORCA Lightning 12MP Monochrome CMOS Microscope Camera

Hamamatsu ORCA Lightning 12MP Monochrome CMOS Microscope Camera

<p>Inspiration does not obey speed limits.</p><p>For imaging scientists, inspiration is often found at the edges—at the spatial, temporal, and optical boundaries of a system. It’s that grainy image of the cytoskeleton that has just enough photons to confidently resolve two unique molecules. It’s data extracted from a few pixels, whittled away from a larger array, to achieve capture rates relevant to neuronal signaling. It’s the mesmerizing cellular migrations of a developing embryo, reconstructed from a lightsheet time-lapse, that offer new insights and spark new questions.</p><p>By more than doubling speed, resolution and field of view relative to current scientific cameras, the ORCA-Lightning is designed to inspire new frontiers of exploration. Compared to a Gen II sCMOS, the ORCA-Lightning delivers 2 times the pixel area, 2.8 times the pixels and 3.4 times faster pixel-per-second readout.</p><p>All these increases translate to the ability to capture more image data faster, and still achieve Hamamatsu-quality images and information content. So whether you’re developing the next cutting-edge lightsheet system or building a library of the mouse connectome, the high throughput of the ORCA-Lightning will get you to your goal faster. And, we hope, open doors to new discoveries.</p><p><strong>Features:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>High resolution:</strong>&nbsp;4608 x 2592 (12 Megapixels)</li><li><strong>High Speed:</strong>&nbsp;121 frames/s (at full resolution)</li><li><strong>Read noise:</strong>&nbsp;2.0 electrons rms (Standard Full Well Capacity mode)</li><li><strong>Pixel size:</strong>&nbsp;5.5 μm X 5.5 μm</li><li><strong>Dynamic Range:</strong>&nbsp;17 000:1 (High Full Well Capacity mode)</li><li><strong>Peak QE:</strong>&nbsp;60 % (at 550 nm)</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Specifications:</strong></p><ul><li><strong>Model:&nbsp;</strong>ORCA-Lightning Digital CMOS camera</li><li><strong>Type number:&nbsp;</strong>C14120-20P</li><li><strong>Imaging Device:&nbsp;</strong>sCMOS</li><li><strong>Effective No. of Pixels:&nbsp;</strong>4608 (H) × 2592 (V)</li><li><strong>Cell Size:</strong>&nbsp;5.5 μm (H) × 5.5 μm (V)</li><li><strong>Effective Area:&nbsp;</strong>25.344 mm (H) × 14.256 mm (V)</li><li><strong>Full Well Capacity:&nbsp;</strong>Standard Full Well Capacity mode: 1000 electrons</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:</strong>&nbsp;38 000 electrons</li><li><strong>Readout Speed:&nbsp;</strong>121 frames/s (at full resolution)</li><li><strong>Readout Noise:&nbsp;</strong>Standard Full Well Capacity mode:1.5 electrons median</li><li><strong>Standard Full Well Capacity mode:&nbsp;</strong>2.0 electrons rms</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:&nbsp;</strong>2.2 electrons median</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:</strong>&nbsp;2.7 electrons rms</li><li><strong>Exposure time:</strong>&nbsp;Standard Full Well Capacity mode: 6.304 μs to 1 s</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:</strong>&nbsp;50.432 μs to 1 s</li><li><strong>Cooling Temperature:&nbsp;</strong>Forced-air cooled (Ambient temperature: +25 ˚C): +20 ˚C</li><li><strong>Water cooled:</strong>&nbsp;+20 ˚C</li><li><strong>Dark Current:</strong>&nbsp;15 electrons : Air cooled (cooling temperature: +20 ˚C)</li><li><strong>Dynamic Range:&nbsp;</strong>Standard Full Well Capacity mode: 650 : 1</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:</strong>&nbsp;17 000 : 1</li><li><strong>Sub-array:&nbsp;</strong>Yes</li><li><strong>Binning&nbsp;:&nbsp;</strong>2×2, 4×4</li><li><strong>External trigger input:&nbsp;</strong>Edge trigger, Global reset edge trigger, Level trigger, Global reset level trigger, Synchronous readout trigger, Start trigger</li><li><strong>External trigger signal routing:&nbsp;</strong>SMA</li><li><strong>Trigger delay function:&nbsp;</strong>0 s to 10 s in 1 μs steps</li><li><strong>Interface</strong>: CoaXPress-6×4 lane</li><li><strong>A/D converter:&nbsp;</strong>Standard Full Well Capacity mode: 12 bit</li><li><strong>High Full Well Capacity mode:</strong>&nbsp;16 bit</li><li><strong>Ambient operating temperature:&nbsp;</strong>0 ˚C to +40 ˚C : Forced-air cooled (With no condensation)</li><li><strong>Ambient operating humidity</strong></li></ul>

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  • Manufacturer: Hamamatsu
  • Model Name: ORCA Lightning 12MP Monochrome CMOS
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: HAM-C14120‐20P‐KIT
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