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Product ID: 800-8325a

PCO Tech pco.edge 5.5 Microscope Camera

PCO Tech pco.edge 5.5 Microscope Camera

pco.edge camera (with scientific CMOS image sensor) features outstanding low read out noise of 1.1 electrons (e-) med. Even at maximum speed of 100 frames/s at full resolution of 2560 x 2160 pixel the noise is 1.5 e- med. Moreover the pco.edge provides an excellent homogeneous pixel response to light (PRNU, photo response non-uniformity) and an excellent homogeneous dark signal pixel behaviour (DSNU, dark signal non-uniformity), which is achieved by a sophisticated electronic circuit technology and firmware algorithms. The lower figure shows a comparison of a scientific grade CCD and the new pco.sCMOS image sensor under similar weak illumination conditions. This demonstrates the superiority of pco.sCMOS over CCD with regards to read out noise and dynamic, without any smear (the vertical lines in the CCD image).

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  • Manufacturer: PCO Tech
  • Model Name: pco.edge 5.5
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: 800-8325a
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