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Product ID: 12917

Yokogawa CSUX1-A1N-E Spinning Disk Confocal

Yokogawa CSUX1-A1N-E Spinning Disk Confocal

Faster, Brighter, and More Versatile

 The CSU-X1 is the high speed model of our CSU-series, which are widely recognized as the most powerful tools for live cell imaging.

  • World’s fastest scanning speed of up to 2,000 fps
  • Microlens-enhanced Nipkow disk scanning
  • Filter wheel with six filter positions (in high-end model)
  • Exchangeable dichroic mirror block and emission filters
  • 3 configurations: 1-camera model, 2-camera model, bright field model
  • CO2 emissions reduced by 40%

This is a High-end model with motorized dichroic mirror unit for up to 3 dichroic mirrors and a filter wheel for up to 6 filters. Disk rotation speed is adjustable between 1,500~10,000rpm (CSU-X1-A1H ) or between 1,500 ~5,000rpm(CSU-X1-A1N), respectively, if connected with the control unit, CSU-X1CU-F1.


  • Confocal scanning method: Microlens-enhanced Nipkow disk scanning
  • Scanning speed: 1500-5000rpm disk spin speed giving scan rate of 2000 scans per second. Incorporating excitation beam shaper, manual dichroic mirror holder, key switch.
  • External synchronization:
  • Scan-speed synchronization through pulse signals
  • Input: TTL level: 300Hz ~ 2KHz
  • Corresponding to Nipkow disk spinning speed
  • Excitation wavelength:
  • Custom Semrock Quad Dichroic mirror set for laser wavelengths 400-410, 486-491, 560-570, 633-647nm
  • Semrock Brightline, Single Band Fluorescence Filter, 525 Centre, >90 Tx over 50nm Ø25×3.5mm thick
  • Laser beam input: AFC-connector (Polished 8 degree)
  • Optical fiber: Yokogawa’s standard Single-mode polarization-preserving fiber
  • Filter wheel (Emission side): Filter wheel with six filter positions
  • Operation panel: Switch open / close of laser shutter
  • External control: RS-232C interface via Control unit
  • Microscope mount: C -mount adapter
  • Operating environment: 15~40℃ / 20~75% RH
  • Power consumption (main unit):  24VDC 1A max.
  • Power consumption (AC adapter):  Input:100 up to 240VAC±10%, 50 or 60Hz±3Hz, 75Wmax.
  •  Output:24VDC 2.5Amax.
  • External dimension: 175(W)×328.5(H)×301.5(L)mm
  • Weight: 8.9kg


Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: Yokogawa
  • Model Name: CSUX1-A1N-E Spinning Disk
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: 12917
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