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Product ID: 11260

Zeiss Axiocam HRc High Resolution 13mp Color CCD Microscope Camera

Zeiss Axiocam HRc High Resolution 13mp Color CCD Microscope Camera

Superior performance for research and routine work – brilliant quality documentation

Increasingly complex applications in pathology, developmental biology and material science demand microscope systems and camera technologies that reach the very limits of what is physically possible. A Carl Zeiss camera that meets even the highest demands of digital documentation has established itself in high-end microscopy. With needle sharp images and brilliant color quality.

High-resolution for lossless digital microscopy:

Documenting with the AxioCam HR means seeing what the microscope sees – in full microscope resolution without interpolated image information. Different resolutions can be set depending on the application: from 1388 x 1040 up to 4164 x 3120, corresponding to 13 megapixels per color channel.

Outstanding image quality even with weak fluorescence:

With a dynamic range of 2200 : 1 and a 14 bit gray level range, the monochrome version of the AxioCam HR produces high-contrast images even when it comes to demanding applications in fluorescence microscopy. The Peltier-cooled camera offers exposure times ranging from milliseconds up to several minutes. The advantage: high-quality images, even when signals are extremely weak.

Color or monochrome: always the right choice:

Routine tasks or individual applications – the AxioCam HR from Carl Zeiss is the camera of choice for the complete range of applications. Whether you use it as a versatile color camera or in the monochrome variant with optional RGB filter modules – the AxioCam HR delivers color images in extremely high resolution, for every application.

Color co-site Sampling for excellent color brilliance:

Accurate color images of even the finest structures without color moiré: the large CCD sensor of the AxioCam HRc ensures perfect color accuracy. By scanning all the red, green and blue components of the image, the patented Color co-site Sampling technique achieves a color brilliance that can otherwise only be achieved using 3 sensors. It guarantees you complete color information for every pixel – no “approximated” interpolated colors.


  • Max. camera resolution: 4164 x 3120 = 13 megapixels
  • CCD basic resolution: 1388 x 1040 = 1.4 megapixels
  • Pixel size: 6.45 μm (H) x 6.45 μm (V)
  • Sensor size: 8.9 mm x 6.7 mm, equivalent to 2/3″
  • Spectral sensitivity HRc: approx. 400 up to 700 nm with BG 40 IR blocking filter, Bayer color filter mask
  • Dynamic range: Typical > 2200 : 1
  • Full well capacity: Typical 17 Ke
  • Readout noise: Typical 8 e
  • Dark current: Typical 3.7 e/pixel/s
  • Readout clock speed: 10 MHz
  • Resolutions (B/W and RGB): Horizontal x Vertical
  • 276 x 208 Binning 5 x 5, RGB
  • 346 x 260 Binning 4 x 4, B/W
  • 462 x 346 Binning 3 x 3, RGB
  • 694 x 520 Binning 2 x 2, B/W
  • 1388 x 1040 Single shot1
  • 1388 x 1040 Color co-site Sampling2
  • 2776 x 2080 Color co-site Sampling2
  • 4164 x 3120 Color co-site Sampling2
  • 4164 X 3120 Fast Scan (HRc)
  • Frame rates: Frame rate Binning factor Horizontal x Vertical
  • 5 frames/s 1 / slow 1388 x 1040
  • 17 frames/s 3 / medium 462 x 346
  • 26 frames/s 5 / fast 276 x 208
  • Sensor subarea readout (ROI): Free adjustable
  • Raw data rate: Max. 20 MB/s (appropriate PC main memory capacity required)
  • Exposure times: From 1 ms up to several minutes
  • Optimum color reproduction: 3200 K standard value at color version
  • Digitization: 14 bit / 10 MHz pixel clock
  • Interface: PCI interface board for data and control lines
  • Optical interface: C-Mount adapter
  • Control signals: Trigger In/Out, TTL compatible, programmable polarity, adjustable trigger delay for shutter synchronization
  • Housing Aluminum:blue anodized, cooling fins, 11 cm x 8 cm x 6.5 cm, 500 g, 1/4″ screw thread in housing
  • Free back focal depth: Max. 5 mm
  • Protective cover glass: BK 7 for HRm, annealed, IR-Filter BG 40 for HRc, annealed respectively
  • CCD cooling: Single stage thermoelectrical cooling (Peltier) for decrease of dark current and thermal decoupling of the sensor, heat dissipation by means of the housing, no fan required
  • Dark current compensation: Adaptive compensation algorithm in camera driver
  • Max. file size per image: Ca. 78 MB at 4164 x 3120 at 3 x 14 bit (color)
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, 1 A, 230 V / 110 V
  • Environmental conditions: +5° up to +35° Celsius, max. 80% air humidity, non condensing , free air circulation required


Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Model Name: Axiocam HRc High Resolution 13mp Color CCD
  • Model Number: HRC R3.0
  • Product ID: 11260
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