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Product ID: 12114f

Zeiss LSM 700 Laser Scanning Confocal Confocal

Zeiss LSM 700 Laser Scanning Confocal Confocal

The Zeiss LSM 700 is a very ergonomic and user friendly upright confocal microscope, providing all the tools needed for high quality imaging. New generation PMTs have a very good sensitivity.

 The LSM 700 Laser Scanning Microscope from Carl Zeiss sets a new standard for confocal microscopy with maximum performance at a favorable price. Building upon proven technology concepts, it offers innovative solutions for image analysis with exceptional sensitivity and quality – with an extremely attractive price/performance ratio.High flexibility both in application and system structure is the outstanding feature of the LSM 700. The fields of application extend from simple routine to multidimensional images in biomedical research. The system can be combined with a large number of microscope stands and tailored to the personal requirements of each user. This makes it ideal as an entry-level system for confocal microscopy.The benefits of the LSM 700 can be utilized both at individual workstations and in user groups. The system’s small footprint also makes it suitable for small rooms. The ZEN 2009 software from Carl Zeiss makes its operation very clear and easy to learn allowing intuitive use even by first-time users. Complex methods are easy to control and the user has a clear overview of the experiment at all times.The optical design of the LSM 700 guarantees high efficiency in the detection even of weak fluorescence signals. Key elements of the optical system include the beam path design with its maximum optical precision and the uncompromising concentration on the essentials, the beam combiner system for extremely accurate beam coupling and superimposition, the beam splitter with continuous and loss-free splitting of the light spectrum and, last but not least, the extremely stable pinhole.


Scanning module:

  • Scanner :Two independent galvanometric scanning mirrors with ultra-short line and frame flyback
  • Scanning resolution: 4×1 to 2048×2048 pixels, continuously adjustable
  • Scanning speed: 13×2 speed stages, Up to 5 frames/s with 512×512 pixels (max. 154 frames/s with 512×16 pixels)
  • Scanning zoom: 0.5x to 40x, variable in increments of 0.1
  • Scanning rotation: Freely rotatable around 360°, variable in increments of 0.1°
  • Scanning field: Field diagonal of 18 mm (max.) in the intermediate image plane, homogeneous illumination of image field
  • Pinhole: Motorized master pinhole, diameter continuously adjustable
  • Detection: One or two confocal channels (reflection/fluorescence), one optional external transmitted-light
  •  channel with DIC capability, each with high-sensitivity PMT detector, spectral increment 1 nm
  • Data depth: Selectable between 8 bit, 12 bit or 16 bit

Laser inserts(VIS, V):

  • Pigtail-coupled solid-state laser with polarization-preserving single-mode fiber; up to 4 V/VIS laser directly connectable to the scanning module; laser lines 405 nm 5 mW or 445 nm 5 mW; 488 nm 10 mW; 555 nm 10 mW; 639 nm 5 mW (at fiber end)
  • Fast (pixel-exact) customized and variable intensity adjustment of all laser lines (direct modulation)
  • Automatic shutdown of laser when not in use

Electronics module:

  • Control computer: Real-time electronics integrated in PC; communication with user PC via PCI express; Control of microscope, lasers, scanning module and additional accessories, data acquisition and synchronization; Over sampling acquisition for best sensitivity and doubled SNR; possibility of online data-analysis during acquisition
  • User PC: High-end PC with ample RAM and hard disk storage capacity; ergonomic high-resolution 16:10 LCD-TFT flat-panel display, Windows VISTA operating system with multi-user capability
  •  Ethernet connection to local network

Standard software: 

  • System configuration: Convenient control of all motorized microscope functions, laser modules, and scanning module, saving and restoring of application configurations
  • ReUse function: Restoration of acquisition parameters per mouse click
  • Capture modes:
  • Spot, Line/Spline, Frame, Z Stack, Time-Lapse Series and combinations: XY, XYZ, XYT, XYZT, XZ, XT, XZT, Spot-T,
  • Averaging and summation (line-wise or frame-wise, configurable)
  • Step Scan (for higher frame rates, configurable)
  • Crop function: Convenient selection of scanning ranges (simultaneous zoom, offset and rotation)
  • Spline scan: Scanning along a freehand defined line
  • Image processing: Image processing options for any kind of computations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratio, shift, filters (low-pass, median, high-pass, etc., also user-definable)
  • Presentation: Orthogonal view (XY, XZ, YZ in a single presentation) Cut view (3D section made under a freely definable spatial angle) 2.5D view for time-lapse series of line scans Projections (stereo, maximum, transparency) for single frames and series (animations) Depth coding (pseudo-color presentation of height information) Brightness and contrast adjustments; off-line interpolation for Z stacks Selection and modification of color lookup tables (LUTs), drawing functions for documentation
  • Analysis: Intensity profile measurement of straight lines and curves of any shape Measurement of lengths, angles, areas, intensities, etc.
  • Data archiving: ZEN file browser with convenient functions for managing experiments together with their acquisition parameters Multiprint function for creating assembled image and data views.
  •  More than 20 file formats (TIF, BMP, JPG, PSD, PCX, GIF, AVI, Quicktime, etc.) for compatibility with all common image processing programs

Optional software:

  • Topography package: Computation and visualization of surfaces (fast rendering modes) and height profiles, plus many measurement functions (roughness, surface area, volume)
  • StitchArt plus package: Capture of multiple XZ profiles and multiple XYZ stacks with reflected light
  • LSM Image VisArt plus: Fast 3D and 4D reconstruction and animation (shadow and transparency projection, surface and mixed rendering modes, cutting planes, fly-through mode, distance measurement in 3D)
  • 3D for LSM 3D: presentation and measurement of volume data records, on request
  • 3D Deconvolution: Image restoration based on computed point spread functions with fluorescence (Modes: nearest neighbor, maximum likelihood, constrained iterative)


  • Image Browser ZEN LE: Free software packages for display, processing, sorting, printing and Export/import of LSM 5/7 images


Additional Details

  • Manufacturer: Zeiss
  • Model Name: LSM 700 Laser Scanning Confocal
  • Model Number:
  • Product ID: 12114f
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